I'm a former musician that works in the web development space and appreciate live music in a wide variety of styles. I've built some sites in the past related to current events that you may have heard of:



Building those sites was always focused on providing help or a solution wthout ads, or selling information, or making money, and houseband.ca will be the same. The goal is help artists maintain some kind of income stream while providing some joy and entertainment to the global masses that are couped up trying to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic. Because this site will have money collection involved (ticket sales, maybe merch), there will be processing fees and some risk that I must account for (ticket refunds, chargebacks, etc). This means I do need to charge some fees, but I will share the overall accounting, adjusting fees as we go to maximimze what goes to the artists. 

The site was created in Edmonton, Canada and is hosted in Toronto , Canada. Thanks for taking part in the experiment!

How The Money Works

Musicians will set their own ticket prices and will be hiring houseband.ca as their ticket provider. Houseband will take 5-7% of the ticket price to cover the following: Payment processing fees, hosting fees, development fees (of which I'm personally not charging anything, but if I need to bring someone on I can), admin fees (should they arise), and postage/handling. The rate will adjust as I get a better handle on my hard costs, but all excess profit will be donated to foodbanks across Alberta, Canada. I am lucky to have a good-paying job and not need money from this to feed my family. I can't afford to lose money or pay out of pocket, hence the fees, but I don't intend to profit from this site.

The Roadmap

I've got some ideas of things that might be added if there's any traction for the site. Given that I have a full-time job, a bunch of clients, and some volunteer committments on my plate, I'll have to see some traffic here before I dedicate too much time. Some of the ideas on the horizon however:

  • Fan chat on show pages - this would allow fans to chat before and during a show, get to kow each other, and generally get amped up for a show. (Added!)
  • Sponsor dollars - One of the main goals is to help replace artist income. If there's some big brands that want to sponsor the site, I've got an idea for revenue sharing between the patform artists.
  • Helping the less fortunate - Need to figure out the details for a global audience, but I'd like to find a way to put a small portion of tickets towards food banks so they can help those that will most need it during this pandemic.
  • Inline shows - Shows now will require visiting a separate service with a private URL. I'd like to stream inside the site instead for better control and fan chat that can be moderated.
  • Lot's more if warranted. Pease share your request using the form below.

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