I'm glad you're here. I'm hoping to help you get and keep your music out there while you and your audience are cooped up at home, as well as helping you keep some sort of income stream alive. This site should end up being a way to glue some services together that allow you to stream your shows while collecting some ticket revenue and maybe sell some merch. 

What you need: 

  • The ability to stream a live set, whether it's stripped down acoustic or you and your full band are holed-up together and can do a full show.
  • A set of 45 - 180 minutes (minimal if any set breaks please)
  • Time to do a sound/systems check a few hours before a show.
  • Simple media kit info: Bios, photos, etc
  • Ticket pricing, show time(s)

What Houseband.ca Provides:

  • Tickets sales for a show that provide a link to a private stream at a set time.
  • A page on the site describing you (or your band), show times, ticket costs, a promo image, etc.
  • A sound check for your video and to test that things are working.
  • Advertising for the show on the site and on social media.
  • Option to provide digital downloads you can charge for, merch is possible but we'd have to work out how you ship it and I can confirm.

General Guidelines (building these on the fly, subject to change):

  • Shows must start at the set time and artists are to be prepared with proper sound checks, video tests, etc.
  • Video and audio feeds must be ready a minimum of 10 minutes before start of show.
  • All ticket sales will be in Canadian Dollars (CAD), and fees will be 6% to cover processing fees, return fees on cancelled shows, etc. Payouts to happen within 30 days of show (sooner if possible). Any proceeds over the cost of my expenses will be donated to food banks in Alberta, Canada. I won't take personal profit from ticket sales. Should sponsors step up, that will be discussed with the current Artists using the service.
  • Merch sales can be done from your site and links can be provided on the site, or merch sales can be arranged to happen here for a fee and with with escrow to protect your fans.
  • You own your content but licence it to houseband.ca to use in promotion of the site and other shows.
  • Shows may be limited to a set number per week. The same way you don't want to over-expose in one town, you don't want to do the same here. Shows may also be scheduled to a set number happening at one time.

*Working on this number. All costs are not yet defined, but it should be around here.

Steps to Perform on Houseband.ca

  1. Create an account on houseband.ca by clicking the button below, indicate that you are an Artist looking to perfom by checking the box
  2. Once approved, you will be able to access this page to create your artist account
  3. Create a show or shows
  4. Get your live stream set up and complete a systems check
  5. Perform!

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