Hi Music Fans!

Welcome to Houseband.ca where I hope we'll see some artists arrive to play concerts in their livingrooms for you in your livingrooms. You're welcome to sign-up for the site below or simply checkout as a guest if you see a show you would like buy tickets for. 

How Houseband.ca Works:

  1. You are self-isolating, bummed out that you can't go to your favourite venue to watch a gig.
  2. You show up at houseband.ca and see that an artist you like has a live show scheduled.
  3. You buy a ticket to access their show
  4. You tune in at the scheduled time and watch the live show.
  5. You rock out. Or jazz out.

This site was built on March 15, 2020 and is as much a social experiment as it is a website. I'll look at adding and improving features as we go and if people start showing up.

How You Can Help The Artists You Love

  1. Share the link to this site. Use the buttons at the top and bottom of the site to tell your friends about houseband.ca
  2. Contact Artists you love and ask them to sign-up and perform a show.
  3. See a show! Buy tickets to a show and know that the majority of proceeds are going to the artist you are watching.
  4. Keep in touch and provide feedback on what you'd like to see. 

Sign up!